Savers Needs your Winter Clothes and Housewares

Did you know that your donated clothes and items to Savers are used to help cover the costs of our non- profit agency ? Currently Savers especially needs house wares and kitchen appliances. Also in high demand are home decor items, bed and bath linens, shoes and boots for the family. Savers also could utilize good quality winter clothes such asjeans, long sleeve shirts, sweater, coats, kids and infant winter wear. Items can also be dropped off directly at the Savers Store on 5845 E. Broadway (across from the Park Place Mall) or at storage bins at various locations around Tucson and Pima County ( See Ways to help- Clothing Donations). By donating to our bins, you’re not only helping traumatized, abused children but also keeping quality reusable items from being needlessly discarded… for a greener planet.