Thank You, TEP!




The Southern Arizona Children’s Advocacy Center is honored to be one of several local nonprofits awarded with a grant from Tucson Electric Power!  TEP has awarded $250,000 in grants to help a dozen local nonprofit groups improve education, protect our environment and provide services to limited-income families affected by homelessness, domestic violence, poverty and child abuse.

With these funds, the Southern Arizona Children’s Advocacy Center will be purchasing an Enhanced Visual Assessment (EVA) system, which is a digital camera that can transmit secure images.  It will be used during medical exams of children who have experienced trauma and/or injury from sexual and/or physical abuse or neglect.  The many benefits of having one of these systems on site are as follows:

  • Decrease intimidation and fear factors for child victims when equipment is utilized during exams
  • Increase positive quality interactions with child victims during exams
  • Decrease the amount of turn-around time between the actual exam and attending doctors’ consultation upon the receipt of digital images of the sexual or physical abuse or neglect/trauma, and/or injury of the child victim
  • Decrease the amount of time child victims wait for exam consultations findings, diagnosis and/or recommendations regarding the sexual, physical or neglect trauma and/or injuries
  • Increase timeliness and quality of the digital images of the sexual, physical or neglect trauma and/or injuries to the child victim’s body for consultation, review, diagnosis and potential prosecution

TEP employee volunteers and other stakeholders selected this year’s grant recipients through a competitive process that attracted nearly 200 applications. Winners were chosen based on program effectiveness and sustainability, applicants’ organizational capabilities and other criteria.


Thank you TEP for your support!