Assistance League Tucson

Thank you, Assistance League Tucson!

The Assistance League of Tucson has always been a huge support to Southern Arizona Children’s Advocacy Center. With their help, we are able to ensure that every child who enters our doors is provided with clothing, shoes, snacks, books, and a comfort bear. We are so grateful for their on-going assistance and appreciate the hardworking staff that make these donations possible. Below is just a preview of the wonderful support that is provided:

Teddy Bears- Fluffy bears are provided for the kids that come to be forensically interviewed. It is a comfort for most kids to be able to have something new and call their own. This bear becomes an immediate source of comfort and brings a smile to the child who receives it. We are grateful to be able to see the immediate response.

Snacks- SACAC services are provided 24/7 and children arrive at all hours of the day. Some come in during mealtimes, others are coming from a neglect situation and haven’t had a meal in days. With the snacks provided, SACAC is able to feed these children a simple microwave meal or snacks throughout their visit. There are quite a few reasons children come to SACAC and are hungry or become hungry in the process. We are grateful for the help and support The Assistance League provides us in this manner.

Clothes- Some children who come to SACAC end up in foster care and have nothing but the clothes on their backs. At times, clothes have to be taken into evidence. Other times, we come across low-income families that are in need of immediate help. With the clothing donations, SACAC is able to ensure that every child in need is provided with a backpack full of new clothes.

 Book Drive- One more amazing thing that The Assistance League does for us is provide a large amount of books through an annual  book drive, usually held in the fall. They are able to donate an unspeakable amount of books that enables us to hand out to every child who walks through our doors. Reading is important and especially important to start at a young age. They provide us with books for all ages and even a selection of baby books for the siblings of child clients. Very recently we also had a donation of over 100 books from an Assistance League subcommittee group of teens called the Assisteens. They organized their own book drive this year and donated all of them to us. We grateful for their support as well!

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Kathleen Gale (AL Tucson), Emily Wall (SACAC Advocate Aide), Dylan (Head of Assisteens), Kathy Rau (SACAC Executive Director), and Russell (SACAC Courthouse Dog)

Thank you from all of us at SACAC!