Hi Friends! Well, summer has finally come to an end and school is in full swing. I know most of you are excited to meet your new teacher and talk about your summer adventures with friends you haven’t seen in months. Now is a good time to remind everyone to be kind to one another and to not be a bully. Bullying can happen in many different ways and is any unwanted and aggressive behavior (name calling, threats, spreading rumors, excluding someone from a group) that is repeated over time. Sometimes not saying anything to stop bullying is just as bad as participating in it- so remember, if you see something, say something (to the person, tell an adult, be a support to the person who is being bullied). Bullying can make any kid feel anxious about starting school and can turn fun situations (recess, riding the bus) into nightmares. If you are being bullied, here are some strategies to use to help improve the situation:

  • Use the buddy system: Buddy up with a friend (on the bus, in the gym, at lunch) and do the same for others.
  • Try not to get angry or overreact: Unfortunately, this is the reaction a bully wants. Try to “cool down” by taking a deep breath, writing, or counting to 10. Practice your best “poker face.”
  • Act like the brave kid that you are: Firmly tell the bully to stop and walk away. Try to seem uninterested in him/her by looking distracted (phone, book, walk away). By ignoring the bully it shows you don’t care and eventually the bully will get bored trying to bother you.
  • Tell a trusted adult: Talk to a parent, teacher, lunch monitor, or anyone you trust about the bullying. They can help put a stop to it, or at least provide some helpful tips and support.
  • Be a good friend and choose good friends. Hang out with people who make you feel good and they’ll do the same for you.

Always remember the Golden (Retriever) Rule: Treat people (and animals too!) how you would like to be treated!

 Be Kind, my friends!

Love- Russell


Resources: http://kidshealth.org/en/parents/bullies.html?WT.ac=p-ra#