Happy Halloween!


Leaves falling from the trees, crispness in the air, pulling out your winter clothes from the attic, and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING…..these are just a few signs that fall is in the air.  Unless, of course, you live in Tucson where the weather is still in the mid-90’s, shorts are worn through November, and we drink our pumpkin spice flavored coffee-of-choice over ice.  Regardless of where you live, autumn marks the beginning of the holiday season which entails family gatherings, travel, and a whole bunch of eating.  With Halloween quickly approaching and being the first of many festivities, it is important to remember the importance of staying safe.  Follow these safety tips for a fun, successful, safe and sound Halloween adventure!

  • Safety in number- avoid trick-or-treating alone, walk in groups or with a trusted adult
  • Costumes- accessories (swords, knives) should be short, soft, and flexible. Costumes should be flame-resistant, masks and shoes well-fitted to avoid trips and falls
  • Stranger Danger- visit only well-lit houses, DO NOT enter a home unless you’re with a trusted adult, and NEVER accept rides from a stranger
  • Treats- examine all treats before eating them, avoid eating homemade treats made by strangers, limit the amount of treats you eat to avoid a stomach ache
  • Neighborhood Safety- Use a flashlight to help your see others and others see you, look both ways before crossing the street, use sidewalks whenever possible, always remember to walk, and wear reflective tape on costumes and bags so drivers can see you

Source:  http://www.cdc.gov/family/halloween/index.htm


To Do in Tucson…

If you and your family are looking for some fun fall festivities, check out these Tucson events starting October 1st!

  • Reid Park Boo at the Zoo- October 26-28: Fun for all ages, enjoy a night of trick-or-treating at the zoo with festival lights, costumes, and characters.  tucsonzoo.org
  • Fall Pumpkin Festival- Through October 31: Spend the day picking apples and pears followed by a hayride to Aunt Annie’s very orange pumpkin patch.  Pick the pumpkin of your choosing and create a scary carving!  appleannies.com
  • Night Fall at Old Tucson Studio’s- Through October 31: Walk among the delusions and dysfunctions of Dr. Jebediah Hyde and his reign over the town of Nightfall.  Enter at your own risk, as this year’s fear factor of ghosts and goblins runs wild.  nightfallaz.com
  • Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley Oktoberfest- Weekends through October 14: Cool down on the mountain with some traditional food, live German band, and family fun!