Prevention, Education and  Outreach

The Children’s Advocacy Center offers child abuse prevention programs for children from pre-school to high school. We also offer training to adults about the Mandatory Reporting Law, including signs and indicators of child abuse.

Child abuse prevention presentations range in topics, and are specific to the age and/or grade of the students.  These presentations encourage children to know that it is okay to tell a trusted adult and ask for help immediately, and removes the stigma, shame, and secrecy that often surrounds children and their families experiencing abuse

Child Abuse Prevention Presentations:

Children learn to Recognize, Resist, and Report Abuse by:

  • Identifying trusted adults
  • Not keeping “scary secrets”
  • Saying “no”
  • Identifying private parts
  • Learning about their personal safety zone


Internet Safety Presentations:

Kinder to 5th: Teaches basic computer etiquette and encourages children to keep personal information private, not to share pictures, not to tolerate bad language, and report anything that makes them uncomfortable to an adult.

Middle School and up: Teaches the importance of reporting unsafe computer use, including cyberbullying, sexting, and internet predators.


Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse Training (Adults- parents, caretakers, professionals, etc.)

  • Educates adults to identify and report child abuse in accordance with Arizona law
  • Discussion of who is obligated to report abuse/neglect, how to get help from authorities when required, and how to best assist the investigation of child abuse
  • Helps participants recognize the signs of abuse/neglect and teaches practices that help protect children


For more information, please contact Nicole Begay, Prevention Specialist at

All programs are offered at no cost and need your support to continue.