How to be Spot On with Safety!

Hi Friends!

May is usually the month where things start to heat up!  With temperature nearing the triple digits it’s time to lather up on the sunscreen and quench that thirst with plenty of H20!

If you play a sport, now is the time to get into your zone, step up to the box, and play your heart out! And who doesn’t like a fun game of fetch?! Go out and practice with your teammates. Have fun and enjoy your wins and learn from your losses. It’s important to keep in mind that sportsmanship plays a critical role every competition. To keep things in good spirits, try not to be a sore winner or sore loser.

Injuries in sports are bound to happen. It is what it is…but there are many ways in which you can reduce your risk of suffering an injury and protect yourself while playing the sport that you love.

Here are a few tips and tricks:

  • Before playing any sport, be sure to have a doctor give you a physical exam.
    • This allows for the doctor to make sure that there are no serious medical conditions
  • Always stay hydrated.
    • Bring plenty of water bottles / jugs to both games and practices
  • Make sure to stretch and warm-up
    • Stretching helps prevent injuries by releasing tension from the muscles
  • Wear appropriate equipment
    • Helmet for football, shin pads for soccer
  • Make time for a “rest day”
    • Rest allows the body to heal preventing the overstraining of muscles
  • Always make sure that everyone knows the rules and they are enforced
    • This makes for a safer game and clear expectations

Have fun and be safe my friends!