If you’re anything like me, your favorite part of the holidays is the FOOD!  Whether it’s warm apply pie, slow cooked roast beef, or mom’s famous cranberry marshmallow fluff, my tail starts wagging and my tongue hangs out with just the thought of these tasty treats- I can smell them a mile away!  No doubt I will be taking advantage of all the morsels that make their way to ground, as I feel it is my duty to keep the floor clean for our out-of-town guests.  Food isn’t the only thing that gets my tail wagging in the winter, the weather is perfect for racing my friends, a leisure game of fetch, or catching some rays on my porch.  Now that the temps are finally below 80, it’s the perfect time for some outdoor activities to keep you healthy and energetic in between those delicious holiday feasts.  Below are some of my favorite activities that I hope you can enjoy too!

  • Grab an inner tube or sled and head up to Mt. Lemmon for a snow day, you can also build a snowman and create snowangels while you’re there
  • Hiking: Now that the weather is finally cool, it’s the perfect time to checkout local trails and discover some new plants and animals.  And don’t forget to take your furry friends with you, we like to get out of the house too!
  • Snuggle up, grab some hot cocoa and a good book. It can even be a coloring book or you can write a story of your own!
  • Weather too cold or rainy? No problem!  Learn to bake or try out a new recipe (with your parents’ help and permission, of course).  Did you know homemade dog treats are a thing? Check out some recipes below….

Have a safe and fun holiday season, my friends!

Your Buddy, Russell paw-print